Acquiring / Usage Options

All prospective user-enterprises have two options:

[a] Licensing:

Acquire a user-number-based licence for a properly configured version of Flexion™, and start using it. The licence again can come with perpetual and annual renewal options. With licensing option, the enterprise will have to invest also in supportive hardware, software, and communication ware, besides allocating space [and maybe supportive IT staff] for infrastructure management. The hardware set up might require minimum one powerful server, client machines can be desktop/laptop computers [even smart mobile phones], and investment in one database management system and supportive Internet/WLAN connectivity also would be necessary. Usually, this option is suitable for enterprises having more than 100 users based in multiple locations of operations. Total cost of ownership and operations would be comparatively higher [than the other option given below] under this option. Proper sizing, number and specifications of hardware may have to be finalised according to volume of daily transactions handled, geographies covered, and data transferred. URCI would help in finalizing these.

[b] “SaaS”

Under this option, the enterprise uses Flexion™ on ‘pay per user/transaction per month’ basis, without having to invest/own any of the server-specific hardware. However, connectivity through Internet must be provided for every user. Some private and more secure variations are also possible. Any organization with fewer than 100 users, and not willing/able to go in for own hardware infrastructure may find this option not only attractive but also affordable.

Regardless of the option chosen, the adopting organization must be prepared for preparing its people, and this is the most demanding challenge. Here again, URCI renders a variety of services, including training, in order to expedite realization of benefits from ERP by the adopting organization in as quick a time as possible.

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