Custom Reports / Processes

Flexion Custom Reports Wizard puts the power of data directly into the hands of the users by providing the freedom to easily create simple or sophisticated custom reports based on Flexion data. No database, query building, field name or programming knowledge is necessary to take full advantage of this feature. All that the user needs to know is which fields they want on the report and in which order they want them in—the Wizard takes care of the rest. It is extremely easy to move fields to where you want them, add data filters, change sorting and grouping, etc. which means you can format your reports in exactly the way you want to see them.

Similarly, processes can be customized and defined by the Admin. A sample list is given below:

  • Accounts Transfer
  • Auto Matching Entries
  • Auto Reverse Matching
  • Freeze / Un Freeze Voucher

In short, Flexion™:

  • Is user friendly, easy to install, and multi–user supportive
  • Is flexible for phased installation and integration of modules, network style security
  • Employs Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Object Oriented technology, Automatic / Manual Posting Facility
  • Is fully menu driven with Multi Document Interface facility, Unique Integration linkages and Auto posting setup

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