Flexion Overview

ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] Systems and Software Packages come in mind-boggling variety of sizes, prices, and flavor. Most enterprises do have some idea of what ERP can do for their business, and wish to use one. Yet, when it comes to choosing and adopting an appropriate ERP, they run into a number of difficulties. Right from choosing an appropriate ERP to adopting it, they face a number of challenges and options. Cost of acquiring ERP is one challenge. Making people adopt is another. Realizing the anticipated benefits out of such investment is elusive. Many also wonder if their small size justifies using an ERP.

It is to dispel some of these apprehensions and also to help every enterprise—regardless of its size—choose and adopt ERP, so that they can enjoy the full benefits from it in terms of integration, automation, standardization, and productivity enhancements, that Flexion™ was created. Flexion™ is a powerful integrated information system, automating and integrating almost all business processes of the enterprise. It makes your work easier and simpler, through a number of functional modules synergistically integrated. Highly customizable, flexible, and therefore easy to adopt, Flexion™ can be used by any enterprise, regardless of its size in terms of people, turnover, geography.

Flexion™ organizes information and automates business processes across your enterprise to increase the quality and visibility of the information you need to make better-informed decisions. It provides a stable, scalable technology infrastructure with simplified system administration, customization and integration. It provides end-to-end link right from order booking to collection, incorporating features and powers of CRM [customer relations management] and SCM [supply chain management]. It can also easily interface with other business automation systems/devices, and legacy systems [if need be]. With it, the adopting enterprise becomes an agile and pro-active organization, improving its competitiveness.

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