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We provide a variety of services, including initial feasibility study, strategic design and deployment of Flexion™, advice on appropriate IT infrastructure, total turnkey implementation, consulting, training, and change management. The final package of services, along with the product appropriately customized and configured, will depend on the nature and state of readiness of the clients and their specific issues and problems. We bring in the collective domain knowledge and expertise gained from a number of satisfactory installations, as also the contemporary ICT [information and communication technologies] mix, to secure optimal benefits for our clients at affordable costs. Delivery of Flexion™ on “SaaS” [Software as a Service] is also possible.

Our support ranges from on-line interactive client-specific virtual-hand-holding sessions for trouble shooting to fixing, to comprehensive on-site services for prompt resolution of problems, to ensure smooth running of the system. Standard warranty and post-warranty annual maintenance services are also available.

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